Godfrey Hirst Raw & Refined

Because everything old is new again as ‘Raw & Refined’ recycle. We repurpose and reinvigorate our notions of style.

Therefore a movement against rampant consumerism. ‘Raw & Refined’ let us re-examine our relationship with the old and the new. Looking at old pieces with fresh eyes we repair. Re-upholster and breathe new life into heritage items. The resurgence of old school craftsmanship. We look to artisans for bespoke pieces of personal value and significance.

The Look

Because a rough and smooth co-exists. We feature contrasting textures and a melding of industrial finishes and vintage furnishings. New fabrics, old wood, unpolished brass, matte bronze and concrete, work to-gether to personalise our homes and create our own unique decorating brand.

From the ground up

Reuse, recycle and rediscover the craftsmanship of the past with ‘Raw & Refined’.