Quick-Step Laminate flooring – Laminate Flooring

If you are looking for all-rounder wooden flooring, the Quick-Step Flooring is suitable and this product line is an exceptional laminate flooring collection with partly distinctive and remarkable varieties.

With Quick-Step flooring laminate flooring designs, you can create a truly extraordinary home, with impeccable quality of our products is backed by decades of experience as a trend-setting flooring brand.

How to install your laminate floor in just a few clicks

Quick-Step makes your life as comfortable as possible. That’s why we invented the widely-acclaimed, patented Uniclic system to install your laminate floor. This system is faster and more solid than competitive solutions, ensuring easy installation even in the smallest corners or underneath doors.

Quick-Step laminate floors can be installed over traditional underfloor heating, so you can enjoy your new floor with maximum comfort. Want to go to the next level and put Quick-Step laminate on your stairs? That’s possible too! And if you’re looking for the best way to finish or maintain your new floor, we’ve got you covered as well.

What is Laminate Wooden Flooring?

History of laminate flooring

The first laminate floor was developed in 1977 in Sweden but first arrived on the market in 1980. This new kind of flooring quickly spread to other countries in Europe. The laminate of the early years was not of the high quality that it is today – but thanks to ongoing developments, by the end of the 1980s visible advances had been achieved.

Today laminate is one of the most popular floor surfaces in the world and Kronoflooring GmbH, Lampertswalde is one of the global market leaders. What has not changed since the 1980s is the composition of laminate flooring? The general composition of the laminate is composed of three layers.

The base layer of the laminate is an impermeable, layer underneath the base that improves its structural stability and serves as a moisture barrier. The thick, middle layer is a wooden composite base. The topmost layer of laminate flooring is the wearing surface and the decorative layer that, depending on the production process, can consist of several layers. It consists of special resin-treated cellulose and gives the floor a tough, durable surface and makes it visually attractive.

Two Easy Installations Methods

1. Rotate & click

Simply click the panels into each other along the long side and the short side of the plank.

2. Horizontal insertion

Unlike most other floors, Quick-Step planks can also be joined together horizontally. This is ideal for installation in awkward corners, when reaching the last row of panels, or in places where it is difficult to rotate the panels, such as underneath door frames or heating units.